i got in an argument with a girl a week or so ago on facebook because of some terrible things she said regarding people who wear anything above a size large and another friend of mine jumped in and supported me, and the girl who made the bad statements apologized to my friend but didn’t apologize to me? i hope shes scared because she honestly should be like im mean as hell and i hold grudges like a bitch

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People in the area: PLEASE be careful. These people are armed and police do not seem to care much about this issue. (Surprise, surprise).

cool shit pennsylvania. way to suck. theres a town 20 mins outside of mine where you can still see people in full KKK garb from time to time. disgusting

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same except I’m 19

eff the system 

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*thinking about girls* wow

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excuse me sir are these drugs vegan and gluten free?

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im 18 yrs old and i still never passed 10th grade english

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