hi i’m avanna, i’m a 16 year old mentally ill trans girl. i have been living with roommates after running away from an abusive home, but now i have until may 1st to move out, if i don’t find somewhere to stay by them i’m going to be homeless. if anyone…

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Summer is just around the corner! Which means you’re probably fervently preparing for ~bikini season~, trying to get back into that beach bod! Well here are some dieting tips from Denny’s Diner to help you feel a little more comfortable this year:

  • Bikini season? Shmikini shmeason.
  • You look wonderful already.
  • Whatever makes you feel best is best.
  • There is no “right” way to look.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Build a sandcastle. 
  • Seriously, you look wonderful.
  • Denny’s loves you.

Surf’s up!

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also i dont want to go to work because all i do there is eat ice cream and talk about how much i hate myself

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omg this girl on fb said that making clothes any larger than a large (xl, 2xl, etc) is encouraging obesity omgggg im dying what a dumb idiot creature 

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american people who use british slang

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